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Kids Master Classes

Does your child already know how to make pizza?

Every Sunday Pizza Prosto conducts children's workshops, where we will teach your child to cook pizza with his/her own hands!

3 children take part at the same time and 1-2 adults may act as accompanying persons. Children cook pizza on their own: from rolling dough to cutting ready-made pizza. And our pizza makers help them in this task :)

You can take photos!

Мастер классы для детей

We will teach your children to make pizza with their own hands

Master classes are held every Sunday

Детские мастер-классы
Minimum age
5 years
Приготовление пиццы
Number of participants
Three children and maybe 1-2 adults as accompanying persons
Бесплатная пицца
Free participation
Only the cost of the pizza that the child will cook is paid

Participation by appointment only

Form of entry to the master class

Sign up!
Выберите город:
Большой Камень
  1. Operates within the zone indicated on the map.
  2. The promotion is not valid in case of force majeure: snowfall, ice, rain, etc. Detailed information can be clarified with the operators.
  3. If we are late (delivery time is more than 60 minutes) you will be given a certificate for a free 30cm pizza. The certificate is valid upon the next order.
  4. This rule does not apply to pre-orders, for a specific time.
  5. The promotion “Delivery in 60 minutes or pizza for free” is not cumulative with other promotions.
  6. The minimum order amount is 495 rubles.